PBS-TRI Sampler Playback option for KORG TRINITY – OEM Quality

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PBS-TRI Kit (OEM Quality)
 (Playback Sample Flash Rom for KORG  TRINITY series)

Very Rare option  for KORG TRINITY!

This is not the cheap replica being sold somewhere else. This kit provides the best quality vs price tradeoff. Similar item is trending at over $400.00 from other music shops. Now your chance to get the OEM PBS-TRI for a fraction of the price!

This option comes as a complete kit with everything you need to use it in your KORG TRINITY without any  trouble.

The PBS-TRI kit consists of:

 – 8 MegaByte  Flash Rom Card

– Two SRAM chips (add C and D banks) 

Technical Specifications from KORG:

When the PBS-TRI is installed, the  multisample and drum sample memory is
expanded, allowing PCM data to be loaded from floppy disk and used as  multi-samples or drum samples. This allows the TRINITY series to utilize the PCM  data of KORG format files,AKAI S1000 format files, and AIFF files.

The following  limits apply to the number of PCM data items that can be loaded.

Multisamples maximum 100
Drum samples maximum 200
Samples maximum 500

The number of samples is the sum  of the samples used in the multisamples plus

the number of drum samples.

For example if you have loaded two  multisamples each consisting of 8 samples,

and ten drum samples, the remaining  number that can be loaded will be 98 multisamples (= 100–2), 190 drum samples  (= 200–10), and 474 samples (= 500–8×2–10).

The capacity of the PCM memory is approximately 8 Mbytes (8,323,040 bytes).

It is not possible to load samples  which are larger than 2 Mbytes. Also, individ-ual

samples which exceed the capacity of a  floppy disk (approximately 1.4

Mbytes for a 2HD disk) can be saved  only to a hard disk when the SCSI option

or the HRD option has been added.


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