Embedded Systems and Product Development Service for many industries and domains

IOT, Automation, Robotics, Communication, POWER, DSP, AUDIO and Music

Years of Experience at Your Fingertips

Whether you have an idea for an innovative product, a project for your university/school, or even you want to minimize the costs and risks of development for your company/organization and get to market faster, we have the solution for you. We have the capability and know-how to help you achieve your goal and turn your ideas into a real product by shortening time to market and cutting down on NRE (Non-Recurring Engineering) costs. Our extensive experience spans across many different domains and industries including Smart Home, IOT, Automation, Robotics, Audio & DSP, Music, Retrocomputing & SCSI, and much more.

Unlike other development bureaus who try to stick to one platform, one toolchain, and one silicon, we believe not all tools and devices are created equal, and there’s no microcontroller or SOC that fits all projects and purposes. We study every and each requirement during development cycle and we might adjust and propose different hardware, platform, or toolchain in accordance. Our solutions are designed around cutting-edge microcontrollers, SOCs, CPLDs, or FPGAs available in the market.

We are always in a continued pursue to keep up with technology and market trends in micro electronics. Thanks to our procurement skills and to a well-established experience and network of suppliers in Asia and North America. Over the last 18 years, we successfully addressed procurement challenges in numerous retro computing and hardware projects that relied on obsolete chips discontinued a long time ago.


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