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MOSS-TRI Z1 DSP Synthesis Board for KORG TRINITY Series

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KORG MOSS-TRI (Z1 DSP) option for TRINITY Series


TRINITY, TRINITY Plus, TRINITY Pro, TRINITY Pro X. Upgrades any Trinity to “V3”

This is not the EXB-MOSS board for Triton series!

This is a very rare option and simply not available anywhere else. Don’t miss it out!

*** Metal brackets are not included! ***

More about the MOSS-TRI:

MOSS-TRI: Incorporated in V3 of the Trinity was the functionality of a Korg Z1 6-voice polyphonic synthesizer, including its own integrated effects. Similar to the real Korg Z1, but the user could use only one patch at a time (instead of 6 on Z1). However, this patch could be incorporated into an existing combination or sequence. Access to the Trinity’s Effect and Master Section was also integrated. It did not include an arpeggiator function.

Features of MOSS-TRI

MOSS (Multi-Oscillator Synthesis System) is a tone generator with six voices of polyphony. Bank M contains 64 sounds which use the MOSS tone generator. When the PBS-TRI Flash ROM Option is installed, an additional 64 sounds are added to bank M, bringing the total to 128 sounds. The MOSS tone generator parameters are divided into voice, EG, LFO, effect and control sections. The voice section contains an oscillator section and a filter section, etc. • The oscillator section contains two oscillators (1, 2) which allow you to use 13 oscillator algorithms (standard, ring modulation, VPM, resonance, organ model, electric piano model etc.), in addition to a sub oscillator and a noise generator. • The filter section provides two filters, each of which allows you to use one of five types of filtering, including a dual-band pass filter with two independent center frequencies that let you simulate human voice sounds or the body resonances of a violin or guitar. This voice section can be modulated by five EG units and four LFO units to apply diverse changes in pitch, timbre and volume to the sound.



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