EXB-SSD All-in-one Solid State Disk for KORG TRITON V4.20

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EXB-SSD All-in-one Solid State Disk for KORG TRITON V4.20


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Get an instant 4GB of SD Storage in a few seconds!

Finally here, the long awaited storage solution for KORG TRITON Classic, EXB-SSD.

For the first time ever, you can enjoy your samples and load your most favorite sets to your KORG TRITON Classic with only one expansion that gives you all you need for a real, yet very robust Solid State Storage, eliminating the need for a chain of bulky and obsolete items that are not just troublesome, but cost almost three times as much.

The EXB-SSD is a plug-and-play expansion that takes only less than five minutes to install and requires no additional software or hardware to begin using it on any KORG TRITON Classic keyboard. It takes standard SD cards as a storage medium and supports SD cards with capacities up to 4 GB. V4.00 has witnessed a lot of improvements over previous versions. It doesn’t only support SD cards for easy access and compatibility across your devices, but also offers a USB port for you to connect the EXB-SSD to your PC and load/save data without the need to open the keyboard to take the card. The new EXB-SSD supports format/save operations on all compatible cards and you may save any data you want from your KORG TRITON’s memory directly to the SD card. This solution is almost 20 times faster when compared to a traditional Floppy Emulator and the good news is, you are not limited to the 1.44MB of virtual floppy drives. You may create samples as big as 16MB (maximum for one slot of memory) and save them directly to the card without any limitations!


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