First turn on the power supply (DC5V), scan the display 1 to 9, display PM, Al (Alarm) and temp points, and then display the time and temperature. 1. 【Clock Reset】 Press the reset key (in the bottom hole) with a metal needle with a diameter less than 1.4mm for more than 2 seconds, and the reset clock time = 1 / 1 / 00:00 2.【 Set Time Mode】 when displaying time, do the following: - Long press M: enter 12 / 24 hour setting, short press ▽ / △ to switch, and then short press m to set hour setting, minute setting and exit time setting. - When entering the above setting mode: Short press ▽: add hour, add minute, 12 / 24-hour system switching; Short press △: reduce hours and minutes, 12 / 24-hour system switching; - When displaying time, long press △: temperature display C (Celsius) / F (Fahrenheit) to switch.  
3. 【Date Setting Method】 When displaying the time, short press m to display the date. At this time, long press m to set the year, month and day in turn. Then short press m to set 3 alarms; When entering the above setting mode, briefly press ▽ to set the month, year and day, and alarm on (the alarm icon will light up) / off. When alarm is displayed, long press m to enter the setting of alarm time, and △ / ▽ to change the alarm time.
4. 【 Display Mode Setting】 When the time is displayed, briefly press ▽ to enter DP setting, Short press ▽ to change 3 DP modes, Press m to exit DP setting. DP = 1: display 10s time, 2S date, alternate switching; DP = 2: display only time, not date; DP = 3: keep the current display. 5. 【Display Brightness Setting】 When displaying the time, briefly press △ to enter the display brightness (BR) setting, Briefly press △, change 5 display brightness (BR) modes, Press m to exit the display brightness (BR) setting. The display brightness (BR) is as follows: 0: Display brightness according to time; 1: Four levels of brightness increase in turn; 5: Screen off mode after 5S.